Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 5 (last day)

Today's activity for the boys was to make a movie.  They were given a few props which they had to incorporate into a story which they had to create.  I only had to remind them that a good story line had a beginning, a middle and an end and that there was a problem that needed to be solved.   And they were off.

They got right into it, and came up with lots of great ideas.  After they had sketched out the scenario and prepared some lines, they did a few practice runs.  Then they put on some costumes and gave me a run-through.  I helped them smooth out some dialogue, but I was really impressed with their creativity.

After lunch, we got ready to shoot the scenes.  The boys had a hard time not laughing, and there were a few several takes, but we finally got some good ones.  We didn't manage to film all the scenes, but the boys are off to a good start.  One of these days, Monkey Man and M-boy will have to come back to film the final scenes.

Monkey Man took home the raw scenes and did a fantastic job editing and adding effects.  Here are the results:

Great job boys!

I really enjoyed watching the boys work together (and play together); they get along very well and enjoy making each other laugh.  It was a really wonderful week.  And so ends another successful Bombing Boys Camp.

~Camp Leader

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 4

Mr. Timbit here, and I'm going to tell you about Day 4. Today we took a trip to Queen Elizabeth Park, a.k.a. Queen E. Park. We had a great time and it was super cool. Let me tell you all about our Day 4 experience.

When M-Boy and Monkey Man arrived, they were early. So we played Clash of Clans. Have you heard of Clash of Clans? It's an epic app made by the company Supercell. If you get it, you could consider joining our clan, the SOUTHSIDERS.

After we had finished playing Clash of Clans, Camp Leader told us the activity planned for the day. She said we were going to do a geocache in Queen Elizabeth Park. Monkey Man and I had heard of a geocache before, but M-Boy hadn't. So we explained what it is to him. I'll explain it now: A geocache is a container that is hidden in landmarks or in popular locations. In it, there is a notepad which you must sign to show you have found it. There is also sometimes a pen, but make sure you always have a pen handy in case you find one without a pen. There are usually items inside which you can take, but if you do, you need to put something else in, like a trade. You can get a geocache app on your phone. It shows the nearest geocaches in your area, and where you can find them.

Anyway, when we got got to Queen E, we decided to try finding a geocache called The Queen's Pipeline. It was a really tough hunt for it, but we finally found it, well concealed under a cluster of small trees.

 Next we tried a cache called the troll patrol. It was really hard, and no one could find it! But finally, Camp Leader poked a stick through a small hole, and finally found it. It was so small that all there was room for was a rolled up, receipt size, notepad.
Can you see the tiny geocache container?  

 These geocaches were very tricky but entertaining to find, and I recommend both of them. After the caches, we checked out the Bloedel Conservatory, which is a tropical rain forest inside a geodesic dome. We saw various types of plants and flowers, and.... A PHOENIX. (Just kidding, but we did see super-colorful parrots which resembled a phoenix)  After, we had lunch at McDonalds. It was lip-smacking good!

Camp Leader made us climb this tree just for a photo!

In the afternoon, we played a thrilling game of Ambush. I'll explain how to play Ambush, but before I do, you need at least 2 players. First, you must pick the hider. The hider gets a Nerf/dart gun with more than 10 bullets. The other player(s) gets a Nerf/dart gun with only 1 bullet. The hider hides somewhere in the playing area, while the other player(s) counts to a reasonable number, such as 60. Then, the other player(s) tries to find the hider. Pretty much like Hide and Seek, right? Now here's the twist: when the other player(s) find the hider, they must shoot the bullets at the hider. The hider also can shoot at the other player(s). Whoever hits the other player first gets 1 point, and the roles switch. Pick a new hider, and play again. It's a pretty awesome game and we had such fun playing it.

It was already time for M-Boy and Monkey Man to go, the day flew by so fast! But it was an exhilarating day, and I'm glad to have done all the activities.

Camp Leader then made us run around the fountain, also for a photo.  Bloedel Conservatory in the background.

-Mr. Timbit      

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 3

       This is M-Boy reporting on Day 3 of The Bombing Boys Club.  Today was the third day that we had activities at camp. Yesterday, we went to Cultus Lake, it was so much fun! Today, Camp Leader told us she had some experiments for us. First, we did a physics experiment. We wanted to see if our awesome race cars go faster if we load them with more rocks, i.e. more weight. We timed one car's run down the hill loaded with rocks and then without rocks.  Our results were that the car went faster when they were heavier.  Our thoughts were that with less weight, the car was more likely to be affected by other forces, such as rocks in the way, the curve in the road, a tire that might be crooked, which would cause the car to stop, roll to the side and crash into the curb. But when we put rocks in our cars it went more steadier, faster and straight across the finish line.

After our experiment we went inside to get our ingredients for a chemistry experiment.  Here is the link to the experiment we did:  We used a variety of chemicals: corn starch, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C tablets.  From what I understand, when the corn starch mixes with iodine and hydrogen peroxide, it will turn a blue colour, but the vitamin C fights the reaction until it loses after about 10 seconds.   It was pink at first but after about 10 seconds it turned to purple then into a dark blue, it was really cool!

 After our chemical experiment we made butter.  We put whipping cream in a bottle and we took turns shaking the bottle for about 2-3 minutes. We ended up with a clumpy butter looking thing. We all grossed out but in the end we made yummy creamy butter. Camp Leader used our creamy butter to make pasta for lunch. It was delicious!  Here is a video on how to shake cream into butter.


         After our buttery pasta we played our annual 3 man baseball but technically it was 4 man baseball with 2 teams. It was pretty fun for all of us. We finished the day off with some Wii and that was the end of another fun day at the Bombing Boys Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 2

On Day 2 of the Bombing Boys Blub we took a visit to the Cultus Lake water park! We had a blast on the water slides and in the lazy river. We started with a great time on the colossal canyon where we spun and turned side to side on this awesome water slide. Afterwards, we all rode the intimidating black hole together. Inside the slide it is pitch black. (which made the slide a lot more fun.) After our black hole experience we all took a lunch break.

We were all full after our lunch so we decided to take the next water slides easy. We rested in the lazy river splashing each other when 2 random kids came in and began splashing us. It was extremely awkward but we hesitated to splash back, until M-boy returned the favour beginning a war. The battle finally broke down and we resumed our water slide experiences. Up next was one of my favourite rides in our trip, the Valley of Fear, which I rode with my friend Mr. Timbit. I admit that I stalled several times to stay away from the scary water slide, but I am very glad I did not chicken out because it was extremely fun. I screamed so loud the whole way down that I might have burst Mr. Timbit's ears. We raced together on the 0-60 raceway water slide where M-boy came first, I came second and Mr. Timbit coming in third place. It was a dramatic race where Mr. Timbit and I had a very late start. Here is a video of us racing on the 0-60 water slide.

All of us were thinking of riding the terrifying free fall, but in the end we all chickened out. We then rode the Radical Rapids, where we bumped each other down the slopes and into the pool of water. Lastly we waited in a long line to ride a small slide. Here is an image of us riding the small slide:

We had a great time at the Cultus Lake water park and maybe conquered a few fears. The Cultus Lake water park was a great addition to the Bombing Boys club, I hope to visit again sometime in the near future.

-Monkey Man

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1

The Bombing Boys Club is back in 2013, and it started with a BOOM! on Day 1. Today we made cardboard cars and raced them. It was an experience to remember, so let me tell you about it.

M-boy, Monkey Man and I each made a car made of cardboard, tape, cardboard and tape (Did I mention cardboard and tape?). We learned how to properly use an Exact-O blade and how a car moves. We had to make many measurement and calculations. We also had to make sure the cars were fast, but steady and balanced, so they wouldn't spin out. It was pretty hard to design them, but it was a lot of fun. Here is a photo of us with our finished products.

Next, we had lunch. Camp Leader made Mini Pizzas. M-Boy and Monkey Man gobbled them up, but I ate mine very slowly ( I don't LOVE Mini Pizzas, but I slowly, bite by bite, managed to get it in my stomach). After lunch, we tuned up our cars and had some last-minute preparations before the big race.

Dun Da Dun! It was finally time to race our cars! We had a couple of test runs on small hill, but then we went to a *dramatic music* HUGE, STEEP ROAD!!!!! We launched our cars down the hill once. But we wanted to do another race, so Camp Leader deemed this last race official. Whoever wins, wins. At the sound of GO!, we released our cars, each one of us determined, to win. M-boy's car jetted off with a big lead, while Monkey Man's veered right and my car putted along steadily. Monkey Man's car smashed into the curb, losing its wheels and practically falling apart. While Monkey Man rushed to rebuild his vehicle, M-boy's foot flipped his car over! It was chaos on the racetrack! My car, meanwhile, was still slowly putting along and despite all the chaos going on around it, managed to cross the finish line first. I was thrilled! But second place was still up for grabs!    M-Boy had fixed his car up and had let it loose once again, but Monkey Man was still having trouble picking up parts, pieces, cardboard and a toy gorilla. As M-Boy's car was scooting across the finish, Monkey Man flailed and threw his cardboard car frame across the finish line. He's currently hiring a lawyer to prove that his piece crossed the finish before M-Boy's car. We were handed awards, and Monkey Man had a "small" victory speech. The first annual Bombing Boys 500 was done, and it was awesome! Here is a video of the official race.

Afterwards, we chilled out playing Clash of Clans and relaxing on the couch.

Day 1 was definitely a super day, and I look forward to Day 2 tomorrow.

-Mr. Timbit 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5

How do you play Bombing Boys' Baseball, with 3 people?

You have two bases:  mid-base and home plate.  One person bats, one person pitches and one person is in the field.  There are no strike-outs nor walks, and every hit is good, no matter where it goes.  The bat and ball are dollar-store plastic kinds, and the ball is so light that it won't break any windows or dent any cars, and it's almost impossible to throw far.   When the batter hits, he has to run around a treed roundabout, to get to mid-base for one point or all the way around the round-about and back to homeplate for 3 points.  The other two (pitcher and fielder) try to get him out, by stepping on mid-base before batter does or tagging him out along the way.  After one turn at the bat, everyone rotates positions.  The first person to reach 13 points wins.

The Bradenator won the first game.  The ball went everywhere; sometimes it got chipped at homebase, sometimes it bounced off trees, sometimes it went into carports.   It was hard to make plays because you couldn't depend on throwing the ball to where it had to get to due to its lack of weight and the trees and bushes sometimes got in the way.  In the second game, M-boy and The Bradenator were tied at 11 and it was The Bradenator's turn at bat.  Sweat was pouring down M-boy's face as he pitched to The Bradenator.  There was a solid hit, but Mr. Timbit got it and The Bradenator was tagged out at mid-base.  Here was M-boy's chance to win the game.  He hit the ball hard and high into the tree and it stayed there.

The rule book didn't say anything about a ball stuck in a tree.  M-Boy called it a home-run and The Bradenator called it a pop fly caught by the tree.  What do you think?

After, the boys did a little crafting.  They followed this tutorial for no-sew fleece octopus, and made some cute little critters.  

Then, it was lunch-time and a little bit of Wii.  This week has flown by and everyone had a blast.

written by Camp leader

Day 4

This is the start of Day 4 and we made some shadow boxes, with photos we took of each other using an Ipad and Photobooth and with some small objects. These pictures show the shadow boxes we made.

Next we cooked the vegetables we got from Kin's Farm Market on Day 2.  I made roasted okra fries (which we ate with ketchup), Bradenator made sauteed artichoke, and Mr. Timbit made chayote with egg and cheese. All of us liked mine and Mr. Timbit's dish but only Camp Leader liked The Bradenator's artichoke.  Even The Bradenator did not like his own dish!

Roasted okra

Sauteed Artichoke

Chayote with egg and cheese

We really enjoyed our lunch and Day 4!!

written by M-Boy