Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1

Today we started our club by making paper airplanes. While we were making the airplanes, we came up with the name of the club.

Then we went outside and tested the planes.  M-boy named his Triumph model Charger and it flew very high and did lots of stunts. I named my Sky Barge model Screaming Eagle. It flipped over when it was flying and did a lot of twirls in the air.

Next, we took photos of ourselves for the blog and our art project. Some of them were goofy pictures.

But we got a couple good photos for our project.

And..... Ta- da! We used a hot glue gun and OUCH! I burned my finger once (no ambulance was necessary).

M-boy looks like he is riding a dinosaur!

The morning flew by fast!  And day 1 was done.

By: Mr. Timbit

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