Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5

Today was the last day of the first ever week of Bombing Boys' Club/ Camp.   And I, Camp Leader, will put in the last blogposting.

This morning, I asked the boys if they ever made pizza.  "Yeah," they said, with a slight look of boredom.  "Really?" I asked, " you've made pizza dough before?"  Then they sat up.  "Oh. No," said M-boy and Monkey Man.  " we've just put toppings on pizza."  

"Ah," I said, " that's different.  This morning, you're going to follow a recipe and make pizza dough."  

So off they went. 

 "1 tablespoon of sugar!" 
 "No, it's one tea-spoon of sugar." 
 "Two and one to four of yeast!"
 "Four cups of flour!" 
"Then what?"
" Oooo, what's that smell?"
"Smells like beer.  I like it."

"Ciao!  We're making a pizza!"

"Ugh!"  "It's so sticky!"

Monkey Man gets down on the dough, stretching it and pulling it.  "Ooof!" he grunts, "it's not heavy,  just sticking to the bowl." Then we covered the dough and left it to rise in a warm oven.

The Art Project for the day

The boys found three long sticks on the table.  "What are these?" they asked.  "You'll be making arrows."  First they painted the papier mache arrow head.  Then they cut pieces of tape and wrapped them around the shaft, trying to keep them neat and smooth. 

Finally, using a glue gun, they stuck feathers to the ends and voila, some cool arrows are ready for decorating a wall.

Then the boys went off to play some videos.

Pizza for lunch.

While the boys played their videos,  I put together their lunch.  Pizza turned out pretty well!

It's been a great week.  We all had fun.  Maybe we'll do it again!

Have a great rest of the summer!

by Camp leader

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