Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3

In the morning Mr.Timbit, M-boy and I played cribbage and I took a healthy lead.

Later on, we went for a 6 km bike ride along the Fraser river, to Byrne Road in Burnaby, where we were going to have lunch at McDonald's. On the way there, I had a bit of a wipe-out and got a big scrape on my knee so we had to stop for a few minutes and that caused a delay especially as we had to go slower due to my injury!  When we finally got to McD's, we parked our bikes and went inside for our lunch.  M-boy and I ordered a McChicken meal and Mr.Timbit got the 6pc McNugget meal.  

After we finished eating, we only had 20 minutes to get home, in time for our pick-ups.  We pedalled as fast as we could, while watching out for the traffic.  Our butts and legs were sore!  Sweat ran down our backs and faces.  Another factor was that my bike doesn't have gears!   When we saw that we were going to be late,  we stopped to make a few phone calls to let our moms know.

We finally got back at 12:15 pm, and our pick-ups were there waiting.  Boy, were we hot and tired!  

written by The Bradenator 

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