Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5

How do you play Bombing Boys' Baseball, with 3 people?

You have two bases:  mid-base and home plate.  One person bats, one person pitches and one person is in the field.  There are no strike-outs nor walks, and every hit is good, no matter where it goes.  The bat and ball are dollar-store plastic kinds, and the ball is so light that it won't break any windows or dent any cars, and it's almost impossible to throw far.   When the batter hits, he has to run around a treed roundabout, to get to mid-base for one point or all the way around the round-about and back to homeplate for 3 points.  The other two (pitcher and fielder) try to get him out, by stepping on mid-base before batter does or tagging him out along the way.  After one turn at the bat, everyone rotates positions.  The first person to reach 13 points wins.

The Bradenator won the first game.  The ball went everywhere; sometimes it got chipped at homebase, sometimes it bounced off trees, sometimes it went into carports.   It was hard to make plays because you couldn't depend on throwing the ball to where it had to get to due to its lack of weight and the trees and bushes sometimes got in the way.  In the second game, M-boy and The Bradenator were tied at 11 and it was The Bradenator's turn at bat.  Sweat was pouring down M-boy's face as he pitched to The Bradenator.  There was a solid hit, but Mr. Timbit got it and The Bradenator was tagged out at mid-base.  Here was M-boy's chance to win the game.  He hit the ball hard and high into the tree and it stayed there.

The rule book didn't say anything about a ball stuck in a tree.  M-Boy called it a home-run and The Bradenator called it a pop fly caught by the tree.  What do you think?

After, the boys did a little crafting.  They followed this tutorial for no-sew fleece octopus, and made some cute little critters.  

Then, it was lunch-time and a little bit of Wii.  This week has flown by and everyone had a blast.

written by Camp leader

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