Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 4

This is the start of Day 4 and we made some shadow boxes, with photos we took of each other using an Ipad and Photobooth and with some small objects. These pictures show the shadow boxes we made.

Next we cooked the vegetables we got from Kin's Farm Market on Day 2.  I made roasted okra fries (which we ate with ketchup), Bradenator made sauteed artichoke, and Mr. Timbit made chayote with egg and cheese. All of us liked mine and Mr. Timbit's dish but only Camp Leader liked The Bradenator's artichoke.  Even The Bradenator did not like his own dish!

Roasted okra

Sauteed Artichoke

Chayote with egg and cheese

We really enjoyed our lunch and Day 4!!

written by M-Boy

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