Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 2

On Day 2 of the Bombing Boys Blub we took a visit to the Cultus Lake water park! We had a blast on the water slides and in the lazy river. We started with a great time on the colossal canyon where we spun and turned side to side on this awesome water slide. Afterwards, we all rode the intimidating black hole together. Inside the slide it is pitch black. (which made the slide a lot more fun.) After our black hole experience we all took a lunch break.

We were all full after our lunch so we decided to take the next water slides easy. We rested in the lazy river splashing each other when 2 random kids came in and began splashing us. It was extremely awkward but we hesitated to splash back, until M-boy returned the favour beginning a war. The battle finally broke down and we resumed our water slide experiences. Up next was one of my favourite rides in our trip, the Valley of Fear, which I rode with my friend Mr. Timbit. I admit that I stalled several times to stay away from the scary water slide, but I am very glad I did not chicken out because it was extremely fun. I screamed so loud the whole way down that I might have burst Mr. Timbit's ears. We raced together on the 0-60 raceway water slide where M-boy came first, I came second and Mr. Timbit coming in third place. It was a dramatic race where Mr. Timbit and I had a very late start. Here is a video of us racing on the 0-60 water slide.

All of us were thinking of riding the terrifying free fall, but in the end we all chickened out. We then rode the Radical Rapids, where we bumped each other down the slopes and into the pool of water. Lastly we waited in a long line to ride a small slide. Here is an image of us riding the small slide:

We had a great time at the Cultus Lake water park and maybe conquered a few fears. The Cultus Lake water park was a great addition to the Bombing Boys club, I hope to visit again sometime in the near future.

-Monkey Man

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