Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 3

       This is M-Boy reporting on Day 3 of The Bombing Boys Club.  Today was the third day that we had activities at camp. Yesterday, we went to Cultus Lake, it was so much fun! Today, Camp Leader told us she had some experiments for us. First, we did a physics experiment. We wanted to see if our awesome race cars go faster if we load them with more rocks, i.e. more weight. We timed one car's run down the hill loaded with rocks and then without rocks.  Our results were that the car went faster when they were heavier.  Our thoughts were that with less weight, the car was more likely to be affected by other forces, such as rocks in the way, the curve in the road, a tire that might be crooked, which would cause the car to stop, roll to the side and crash into the curb. But when we put rocks in our cars it went more steadier, faster and straight across the finish line.

After our experiment we went inside to get our ingredients for a chemistry experiment.  Here is the link to the experiment we did:  We used a variety of chemicals: corn starch, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C tablets.  From what I understand, when the corn starch mixes with iodine and hydrogen peroxide, it will turn a blue colour, but the vitamin C fights the reaction until it loses after about 10 seconds.   It was pink at first but after about 10 seconds it turned to purple then into a dark blue, it was really cool!

 After our chemical experiment we made butter.  We put whipping cream in a bottle and we took turns shaking the bottle for about 2-3 minutes. We ended up with a clumpy butter looking thing. We all grossed out but in the end we made yummy creamy butter. Camp Leader used our creamy butter to make pasta for lunch. It was delicious!  Here is a video on how to shake cream into butter.


         After our buttery pasta we played our annual 3 man baseball but technically it was 4 man baseball with 2 teams. It was pretty fun for all of us. We finished the day off with some Wii and that was the end of another fun day at the Bombing Boys Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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