Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1

The Bombing Boys Club is back in 2013, and it started with a BOOM! on Day 1. Today we made cardboard cars and raced them. It was an experience to remember, so let me tell you about it.

M-boy, Monkey Man and I each made a car made of cardboard, tape, cardboard and tape (Did I mention cardboard and tape?). We learned how to properly use an Exact-O blade and how a car moves. We had to make many measurement and calculations. We also had to make sure the cars were fast, but steady and balanced, so they wouldn't spin out. It was pretty hard to design them, but it was a lot of fun. Here is a photo of us with our finished products.

Next, we had lunch. Camp Leader made Mini Pizzas. M-Boy and Monkey Man gobbled them up, but I ate mine very slowly ( I don't LOVE Mini Pizzas, but I slowly, bite by bite, managed to get it in my stomach). After lunch, we tuned up our cars and had some last-minute preparations before the big race.

Dun Da Dun! It was finally time to race our cars! We had a couple of test runs on small hill, but then we went to a *dramatic music* HUGE, STEEP ROAD!!!!! We launched our cars down the hill once. But we wanted to do another race, so Camp Leader deemed this last race official. Whoever wins, wins. At the sound of GO!, we released our cars, each one of us determined, to win. M-boy's car jetted off with a big lead, while Monkey Man's veered right and my car putted along steadily. Monkey Man's car smashed into the curb, losing its wheels and practically falling apart. While Monkey Man rushed to rebuild his vehicle, M-boy's foot flipped his car over! It was chaos on the racetrack! My car, meanwhile, was still slowly putting along and despite all the chaos going on around it, managed to cross the finish line first. I was thrilled! But second place was still up for grabs!    M-Boy had fixed his car up and had let it loose once again, but Monkey Man was still having trouble picking up parts, pieces, cardboard and a toy gorilla. As M-Boy's car was scooting across the finish, Monkey Man flailed and threw his cardboard car frame across the finish line. He's currently hiring a lawyer to prove that his piece crossed the finish before M-Boy's car. We were handed awards, and Monkey Man had a "small" victory speech. The first annual Bombing Boys 500 was done, and it was awesome! Here is a video of the official race.

Afterwards, we chilled out playing Clash of Clans and relaxing on the couch.

Day 1 was definitely a super day, and I look forward to Day 2 tomorrow.

-Mr. Timbit 

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