Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 4

Mr. Timbit here, and I'm going to tell you about Day 4. Today we took a trip to Queen Elizabeth Park, a.k.a. Queen E. Park. We had a great time and it was super cool. Let me tell you all about our Day 4 experience.

When M-Boy and Monkey Man arrived, they were early. So we played Clash of Clans. Have you heard of Clash of Clans? It's an epic app made by the company Supercell. If you get it, you could consider joining our clan, the SOUTHSIDERS.

After we had finished playing Clash of Clans, Camp Leader told us the activity planned for the day. She said we were going to do a geocache in Queen Elizabeth Park. Monkey Man and I had heard of a geocache before, but M-Boy hadn't. So we explained what it is to him. I'll explain it now: A geocache is a container that is hidden in landmarks or in popular locations. In it, there is a notepad which you must sign to show you have found it. There is also sometimes a pen, but make sure you always have a pen handy in case you find one without a pen. There are usually items inside which you can take, but if you do, you need to put something else in, like a trade. You can get a geocache app on your phone. It shows the nearest geocaches in your area, and where you can find them.

Anyway, when we got got to Queen E, we decided to try finding a geocache called The Queen's Pipeline. It was a really tough hunt for it, but we finally found it, well concealed under a cluster of small trees.

 Next we tried a cache called the troll patrol. It was really hard, and no one could find it! But finally, Camp Leader poked a stick through a small hole, and finally found it. It was so small that all there was room for was a rolled up, receipt size, notepad.
Can you see the tiny geocache container?  

 These geocaches were very tricky but entertaining to find, and I recommend both of them. After the caches, we checked out the Bloedel Conservatory, which is a tropical rain forest inside a geodesic dome. We saw various types of plants and flowers, and.... A PHOENIX. (Just kidding, but we did see super-colorful parrots which resembled a phoenix)  After, we had lunch at McDonalds. It was lip-smacking good!

Camp Leader made us climb this tree just for a photo!

In the afternoon, we played a thrilling game of Ambush. I'll explain how to play Ambush, but before I do, you need at least 2 players. First, you must pick the hider. The hider gets a Nerf/dart gun with more than 10 bullets. The other player(s) gets a Nerf/dart gun with only 1 bullet. The hider hides somewhere in the playing area, while the other player(s) counts to a reasonable number, such as 60. Then, the other player(s) tries to find the hider. Pretty much like Hide and Seek, right? Now here's the twist: when the other player(s) find the hider, they must shoot the bullets at the hider. The hider also can shoot at the other player(s). Whoever hits the other player first gets 1 point, and the roles switch. Pick a new hider, and play again. It's a pretty awesome game and we had such fun playing it.

It was already time for M-Boy and Monkey Man to go, the day flew by so fast! But it was an exhilarating day, and I'm glad to have done all the activities.

Camp Leader then made us run around the fountain, also for a photo.  Bloedel Conservatory in the background.

-Mr. Timbit      

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